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Gerber Format Category Last Update Size
The Gerber File Format Specification   File Format Specification - pdf 14/04/2014 2.15 MB Download
Extending the Gerber Format with Attributes   Technical Note - pdf 30/08/2013 851 KB Download
Gerber X2 Example 1   File Format Sample - zip 18/04/2014 71 KB Download
Painting Pads, the Scourge of CAD-to-CAM Communication   Technical Note - pdf 18/11/2013 357 KB Download
Gerber File Format - Painting Considered Harmful   Technical Note - pdf 07/03/2013 95 KB Download
Kick Starting a Revolution - IPC-2581 Meets Gerber   Technical Note - pdf 19/02/2013 470 KB Download
Revision of Gerber RS-274X Format Specification   Technical Note - pdf 13/12/2010 197 KB Download
DPF Format Category Last Update Size
DPF v7 Format Description   File Format Specification - pdf 27/11/2012 169 KB Download

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Karel Tavernier Introduces Gerber X2

Paneldiscussion about File Transfer Formats at APEX Expo 2014

Moderator: Ben Jordan, Customer Success Mgr. for Altium
Panel: Karel Tavernier, Managing Director for Ucamco; Dave Wiens, Business Development Mgr. for Mentor Graphics; Hemant Shaw, Product Marketing Dir. for Cadence Design Systems

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Karel Tavernier Introduces Gerber X2