Sample CAD Data

The Gerber file format is the very best PCB data format out there. It has been the PCB industry's trusted standard format for over 35 years, and will be for many more years to come. Here's why:

  1. Gerber offers its industry a standard with a great image specification that can be trusted, that’s easy to implement and use, and that’s evolved over the years as intelligence has been added to the image data.
  2. Gerber is supported and developed on an ongoing basis by Ucamco, a leading player in the field of PCB pre-production solutions: a company with decades of experience that’s trusted the world over for great products, great service and great integrity, and that’s dedicated to excellence – its own, that of its customers, and that of the industry.

Do not take our word for it. Download the sample jobs and QED reports below and test-run them on the Reference Gerber Viewer. 

  • Sample job Altium XS6SOM X2: download
  • Sample job Coldfire Xilinx 5213 X2: download
  • DfM Report Altium XS6SOM X2: download
  • DfM Report Coldfire Xilinx 5213 X2: download

Direct link to the free online Reference Gerber Viewer:

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