Stencils? Rocket science​. Follow our free webinar!

Stencil preparation is a new field of ​expertise where UcamX will help you to ​reach your goal.​

Stencils are used to apply solder paste on ​PCBs in a safe and accurate way. Exact ​amounts of solder paste must be calculated and the stencil must be shaped accordingly.​

Preparing stencils is rocket science​. UcamX just became the perfect tool for an amazing lift-off.​

Our brand new UcamX module Stencil Toolbox offers a bunch of interesting benefits:

  • Streamlined workflow saving you time and money
  • Exquisite recognition of pad shapes
  • Support for stencil specific shapes
  • Independent from incoming data quality
  • Instant overview on critical apertures
  • Reshaping pads for optimal paste cohesion
  • Nano coating support
  • Technical drawing for your production

The webinar has taken place on June 1. You can watch a recording of this and other Ucamco webinars here

Stencil Toolbox. Because what is a workman without his tools ...