Try UcamX Stencil seat FOR FREE

Ucamco is proud to introduce the UcamX Stencil seat. This seat includes all the standard UcamX functionalities for your everyday operations, supplemented with our brand new Stencil Toolbox.

Stencils, you say? Stencils are used to apply solder paste on PCBs in a safe and accurate way. Exact amounts of solder paste must be calculated and the stencil must be shaped accordingly.

Preparing stencils is rocket science. UcamX Stencil seat and the included Stencil Toolbox just became the perfect tools for an amazing lift-off.

Stencil Toolbox offers a bunch of interesting benefits: 

  • Streamlined workflow saving you time and money
  • Exquisite recognition of pad shapes
  • Support for stencil specific shapes
  • Independent from incoming data quality
  • Instant overview on critical apertures
  • Reshaping pads for optimal paste cohesion
  • Nano coating support
  • Technical drawing for your production
Ucamco currently offers 30-day trials for UcamX Stencil seat FOR FREE. Please contact to request a free license.