Stencil Toolbox

Prepare your stencil data in an efficient way

Stencil preparation is a new field of ​expertise where UcamX will help you to ​reach your goal.​

Stencils are used to apply solder paste on ​PCBs in a safe and accurate way. Exact ​amounts of solder paste must be calculated and the stencil must be shaped accordingly.​

Preparing stencils is rocket science​. UcamX just became the perfect tool for an amazing lift-off.​

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Streamlined workflow saving you time and money

From reading your data and transformation of the openings to sorting for your laser cutting machine, all elements are included in this comprehensive Stencil Toolbox.

Support for stencil specific shapes

New pad types specifically useful for stencils are supported. Home plates, D-Shapes, Oblongs and even Crosses are supported. 

Data quality independent

Even if input data are in bad shape. If this situation is detected, a sophisticated algorithm will analyze all openings in your stencil and see if the data can be improved. It will reconstruct the pads if needed. All within the specified tolerance.

Exquisite recognition of pad shapes

For the new pad types and in combination with the reconstruction of the pads, the recognition of standard types has improved immensely.

Instant overview on critical apertures

The stencil analysis module will show all critical apertures that need special attention. Aspect and Area ratios are both considered. Easy selection for further aperture change is possible.

Nano Coating support

Nano Coating adds non-sticking qualities to your stencil. Therefore higher Aspect- and Area ratios can be used. With one click Stencil Analysis will switch to Nano Coating mode. 

Search&Replace for home-plates

Easily identify pad combinations to transform them into home-plates.

Identify critical pads

Highlight your critical pads with a single click.

Out of the box production drawing

Create a production drawing with measurements pinpointing the smallest openings on the PCB. 

Split large openings

Large openings need to be split. Paste amounts and stability are the keywords here. Now you have an easy-to-use toolbox to do so!

Stencil Toolbox. Because what is a workman without his tools ...



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