SmartPlot products

Integrate our laser plotters cleverly

SmartPlot Standalone
Plot software to integrate into any CAM environment. Comes standard with the plotter. 
UcamX SmartPlot
Provides editing functionality and submits all supported formats to the laser plotter. 
SmartPlot Server
Easy-to-use hotfolder system to automatically (non-interactive) transfer data to the plotter. 
All products provide fast and secure data transfer to Ucamco Photoplotters. 


Wide range of input formats

SmartPlot supports a wide range of input formats including Gerber, DPF, ODB++, MDA. Effortless handling of complex buildups with an unlimited number of layers. It handles a wide range of customer jobs in a fast and productive way.

Import complete jobs

SmartPlot imports complete jobs (Ucam, ODB++, OI5) as well as separate layers (DPF, MDA, RS274X) with all parameters. 

Integrate easily into any CAM environment

SmartPlot reads-in all major CAM formats with all plot parameters. The queue spooler fully automates the data flow between CAM and the plotter to boost your productivity and without operator intervention, resulting in secure data transfer. 

Fast plot process management

SmartPlot merges layers into films, submits films to the plot queue and manages the process.

Easy to use and highly efficient 

The central window with customizable views allows the operator to manage plot parameters for all layers and control several plotters in real time. 

Lower film consumption

SmartPlot automatically merges different layers on one film for lower film consumption and higher plotter throughput. With automatic counter-scaling of all marked features (e.g. registration targets), operator mistakes are avoided. There is a seamless link to Ucamco Plotters that optimizes productivity and security.

Short learning curve

SmartPlot contains the field proven UcamX technology that is very reliable, fast and handles the most complex jobs. Automatic validation and correction of input data. SmartPlot handles unlimited positive/negative layers. With our user interface for a range of devices, you will gain a shorter learning curve.

Higher productivity

SmartPlot automatically inserts variable data (date, week, temperature, humidity) into the plotted image, providing traceability of photo tool related data without manual editing. 

Comfortable hotfolder solution

SmartPlot Server provides a fully automatic transfer of the data to the plotter using a hotfolder solution. No human intervention is needed.

Smooth GUI

SmartPlot Standalone and UcamX SmartPlot share the same pleasant-to-use GUI.