Our laser photoplotters are accepted world-wide as the benchmark for accuracy, throughput and reliability. We offer a choice of “drop-in” models for customers who want the highest plot speed, or the finest features (down to 5micron), or the best all- round combination of speed, resolution and price.
Our laser photoplotters are available in various throughput and fine-line capability models to best suit our customer’s photo tooling production needs.

The global plotter benchmark

The latest calibr8tor 3000 series sets a new global benchmark for plot speed and image accuracy on features down to 10 μm. New optics, high-speed electronics and the new FlashRip triple the plot speeds of our SilverWriter series. The high-speed load system converts this to the highest throughput of precision films in the market – without compromising accuracy or reliability. Up to 3 magazines can hold 450 sheets of film of 3 different sizes to give maximum plotting flexibility and cost control.

Unequalled image quality

16 metric and imperial resolutions up to 25,400 ppi (1μm) give optimum settings for every image. Two unique imaging technologies, syntectic modulation and 200,000 ppi pixel-placement, ensure ultra-precise feature definition at every resolution, eliminate the pixel-jump errors found on conventional plotters, and tolerance line widths to less than 2μm.

Precise registration

Dynamic beam positioning accurate to 0.25μm and the patented stress-free film loader ensure an unrivalled geometric accuracy for exact registration for HDI & SBU boards. Reliable 24/7/52 The calibr8tor 2000 series is engineered for fully automatic operation 24/7/52. The granite bed, contactless linear motor, maintenance-free air-bearings and direct-drive drum deliver unrivalled long-term uptime – your guarantee of continuous high productivity and low whole life costs.

Compatible and upgradeable

With its small footprint and ability to accept plot instructions in Gerber, DPF, ODB++, Image 5000 (Expert) or MDA formats, the calibr8tor 2000 series is a wheel-in replacement for conventional plotters. Install a new machine or field-upgrade a SilverWriter 8000: either way the calibr8tor 2000-HD series put you at the cutting edge of plotter technology.

Linear Scale  Air Bearings
Linear Motor  Air Blatter