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Quote from Mr. Defresne, Chief Technical Officer

ICAPE automates PCB quotation process, offering faster turnarounds

"In the few months since we have started working with Integr8tor, we have seen significant improvements in many aspects of our business, from quotation to after sales. Thanks to Integr8tor, our quotation service is more professional, faster and more accurate, making it a powerful catalyst for ICAPE’s increased growth, productivity and profitability into the future."

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Quote from Mr. Sadoul, Managing Partner


Formatronic是一家来自法国维勒普勒的印刷电路板制造商。今年8月,他们从Ucamco购买了Integr8tor,用于改善和提升他们为客户提供的日常服务。Formatronic执行合伙人Emmanuel Sadul说:“多亏了Integr8tor,我们可以保证为客户提供更好的服务,自动实时分析客户的设计数据。 Integr8tor在数据分析等方面已产生了显著的效果,我们的报价过程明显更快、更准确,从而带来了更多订单。我们提供种类繁多的电路板。这种多样性意味着我们必须迅速采取行动,切中问题的核心。有了Integr8tor,我们朝着这个目标迈出了重要的一步”。Formatronic公司将在其法国,罗马尼亚和中国公司使用Integr8tor客户端。

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Quote from Mr. Ramotowski, Production Manager

波兰公司 ITR 购买了 UcamX Integr8tor以实现完整而稳定的 CAM 流程。

ITR Institut Tele-I Radiotechniczny 的缩写隶属于 Łukasiewicz 网络研究所负责对先进的技术和创新进行全面和跨学科的科学研究和开发重点关注 ICT 系统、电子电子安装和工业 4.0 解决方案等。

为了满足市场对创新设计和 IT 解决方案提出的要求质量始终是公司在各个阶段的首要目标。ITR 始终坚信,持续的质量监控和改进是科研和市场营销成功的关键。”ITR 生产经理 Edward Ramotowski 先生说道。

“正是出于这一考虑,我们为 CAM 流程工艺选择了 Ucamco 的软件。UcamX Integr8tor 可以帮助我们改进系统并让产品质量始终保持在我们引以自豪的高水平之上”。现在·ITR 已购买了四个 UcamX seat 和两套 Integr8tor 工作流程。

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Quote from Mr. Mortimer, President

USA based PCB manufacturer Amitron has extended their Integr8tor software with the purchase of additional modules, including Checkpoint.

Amitron, located near Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport in Illinois, has been providing high-quality printed circuits boards with remarkable speed and customer service since 1985. The PCB manufacturer serves the medical, military, automotive and consumer electronic industries.

“Our reputation thrives on delivering multilayer, double-sided and single-sided PCBs at the highest possible quality and the lowest possible costs”, says Tyson Mortimer, President at Amitron. “Our main objective is to save our customers money, time and peace of mind. Reaching that goal is reflected in everything we do, from the extent in which we test our circuit boards to the speed in which we deliver our quotes. Which is where Integr8tor comes into play. Reliability means everything to our customers. Thanks to Integr8tor, we can provide that reliability in the way we quote price requests.”

Amitron has now decided to add Checkpoint to their existing Integr8tor workflows. Checkpoint is a graphical DFM review tool that allows users to gain time for time-critical jobs, to minimize shop-floor downtime and to increase effective plant capacity.

“Integr8tor has many new functionalities that come at a low cost but signify a big boost to its capacities and those using it. Adding Checkpoint is a major upgrade”, confirms Mr. Mortimer. “We have been working with Ucamco software for many years. The in-house combination of Integr8tor, that has always been the de facto software in its category, and UcamX is now better than ever. It is so much more than the sum of its parts. Amitron firmly believes that it puts Ucamco ahead of its competitors. We are delighted to continue our partnership.”

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Quote from Mr. Frachon, CEO

PCB manufacturer Cirly, specialized in prototypes and small production runs, has purchased a second workflow for Integr8tor, along with various Integr8tor options to add to both the existing and the additional workflow. 

The French company, based in Brignais, confidently prefers Integr8tor, Ucamco’s sales and engineering server for auto input and design analysis, over similar software technologies on the market.

Maxime Frachon, CEO at Cirly, explains the choice to expand his company’s arsenal with more Ucamco products: “Thanks to Integr8tor, we can guarantee a far better service to our clients, analyzing their design data automatically and in real time for a faster, more accurate quoting process.”

In addition to the new Integr8tor workflow and extra options, Cirly has also purchased two extensions for the Ucam Yelo software. Mr. Frachon is confident about the purchase, and rightly so: “The decision to add Ucam Yelo to our software package, allows us to significantly improve board layouts within minutes, cut back our CAM cycle time by 30% and slash production cost on every batch.”

“We are convinced that our purchases from Ucamco will turn out to be huge additions to our daily processes. We will soon notice the improved results”, Mr. Frachon concludes.

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Quote from Mr. Molins, purchasing manager

Thanks to Integr8tor we can guarantee a far better service to our clients, analysing their design data automatically and in real time for a faster, more accurate quoting process. The Integr8tor software will help us in what we call our customers 'time factor' in the development and manufacture of its products. Ucamco’s Integr8tor software enables us to take our prototype service to a higher level that fits all needs of our customer, how simple or complex they may be, via which we can maintain the quality and finishing throughout the entire production process. It's clear that Integr8tor is a real win-win, for our clients and for us!

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Graphic Plc
Quote from CEO David Pike and Engineer Chris Hunter

Following extensive tests on a number of alternatives that would support its quoting and engineering needs, Graphic selected Ucamco's Integr8tor system for the quality, stability, reliability and accuracy of its results, and for its compatibility with Graphic’s existing Orbotech systems environment.
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Quote from Luc Smets and Dirk Stans

Integr8tor is proving to be so successful that we recently increased our Integr8tor capacity from 2 to 6 workflows, enabling us to handle 6 jobs concurrently It is a great service for our clients – a real win-win situation.
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Quote from Jan Husen

Thanks to Integr8tor our engineers can focus their skills on pre-production CAM tasks rather than quote generation and we are now achieving 95-96% customer service for on-time quotes and deliveries.
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Printed Wiring Technology
Quote from Edward Hare

Before we installed Integr8tor our front-end engineers spent up to 30% of CAM time interactively analyzing the data. Today Integr8tor provides all the process parameters the engineers need in the space of just a few minutes running automatically in background.
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Quote from Michael Thiel

Integr8tor has become an indispensable tool that assists us in our dedication to respond to the critical needs of our customers and to deliver consistent high quality and competitively priced products quickly.
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Quote from John Kuitert

After 1 year in operation, Integr8tor has proved its value as an investment. Our costing and planning is faster and more accurate as it is based on a realistic understanding of each job as soon as it is received. We are confident that Ucamco has the skill and expertise to help us achieve our business goals.
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Quote from Wim Perdu

Using Integr8tor has brought multiple benefits. Our customers welcome the fast feedback and the extra security of deliveries and our production teams get more time to produce time-critical jobs. Within the CAM department fast and accurate planning data means that we can set the right priorities.
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Bay Area Circuits
Quote from Stephen Garcia

The key to our business is the knowledge and experience of our people. The automated routines in Ucamco’s Integr8tor and UCAM software allow us to leverage that knowledge to deliver continually improving levels of service to our customers. Integr8tor does not just allow us to get quotations back faster,by automating routine analyses and number-crunching it has given our technical sales engineers more time to work with our customers to enhance their designs and cut their costs.
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