Gerber format

The Gerber file format is the de facto standard for printed circuit board (PCB) design data transfer. Known as “the backbone of the electronics fabrication industry”, all PCB design systems output Gerber and all PCB fabrication software inputs it, enabling PCB professionals to exchange PCB design data securely and efficiently.
Gerber files represent copper layers images, solder mask, legend, and drill and route data. Attributes provide meta-information about these images, such as whether a graphics object is and SMD pad, a via pad or a fiducial, or net names of connections.Based on an open ASCII vector format for 2D binary images, the Gerber file format is simple, compact and unequivocal. Thanks to its use of printable 7-bit ASCII characters, it is portable and easy to debug. Indeed, implementations are thoroughly field-tested and debugged.

The standard file extension is gbr. Ucamco provides an easy to use online Reference Gerber Viewer. More resources for users of the Gerber format, espacially software developpers, are available on the Gerber Downloads page.

  • The Gerber File Format Specification
  • A tutorial in its chapter “Overview of the Gerber Format”
  • Examples of PCB fabrication data sets
  • A set of test files, containing the constructs that are most often wrongly implemented

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