Release Notes

The latest version of UcamX is v2020.12. Below are a list of the most important highlights and the release notes in three different forms: 

• DPMX Import
• YELO Copper Adjuster extensions
• Text Updater
• SEC Horn Compensation
• Auto Markup extensions
• YELO Legend Adjuster extensions
• YELO Mask Adjuster
• And more!

  • release overview: brief summary of new features, explaining what will benefit your company the most, presented in PDF format
  • release video: a more elaborate explanation, detailing your everyday benefits and time-savers as a user, as a part of our YouTube channel
  • code changes and fixes: a technical list with an overview of code changes and fixes, in PDF

You will find these documents, as well as the more traditional release notes from earlier versions, on our downloads page

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