Our laser photoplotters are accepted world-wide as the benchmark for accuracy, throughput and reliability.

We offer a choice of “drop-in” models for customers who want the highest plot speed, or the finest features (down to 5micron), or the best all-round combination of speed, resolution and price.

Our laser photoplotters are available in various throughput and fine-line capability models to best suit our customer’s photo tooling production needs.


Our laser photoplotters are accepted world-wide as the benchmark for accuracy, throughput and reliability.

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The SilverWriter 8000-P series introduces sophisticated new film-handling and operational sequencing to deliver up to 60% more films per hour than Barco ETS’s previous market leader, the SilverWriter 800.

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Large Format

The BG75x is an external drum laser photoplotter. It has an automatic film loader and on-line connection to the film processor.

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Large Format

All models share the common basic qualities:

  • Straightforward and robust ‘maintenance free’ design - unbeaten reliability
  • Automated stress-free film handling - highest geometric accuracy
  • Seamless integration with existing CAM systems
  • Fully configurable = drop-in system to replace or complement existing photoplotter
  • Inch and mm resolutions on one and the same system

Our top model photoplotters further differentiate themselves by their:

  • Unrivaled throughput on all resolutions
  • Unequaled accuracy
  • Fine-line capabilities only rivaled by glass-mask photoplotters

Photoplotter Positioning Chart

photoplotter positioning chart

Software package

Discover our Software Packages

  • CAM solutions for conventional, HDI, flexible or flex-rigid circuitry  and chemical milling.
  • Pre-CAM and Engineering software to automate your data entry and design analysis.
  • Electrical test software to generate output for all test equipment and to review all reported defects.
  • Equipment front-ends for electrical test, optical inspection and laser photoplotters.
  • OEM front-end and RIP software for electrical test, AOI and direct imaging equipment vendors.
  • Format converters for current PCB industry standard formats.

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