Direct Imaging technology from SCREEN

Produced by SCREEN in Japan, a leading PCB equipment manufacturer, and with over 410 systems sold, the Ledia Direct Imaging system delivers field-proven reliability and throughput. Seven out of ten of the largest global PCB manufacturers work with Ledia. This workhorse is available in Europe exclusively through Ucamco, with 16 installations. Ledia is supported by Ucamco's local network of highly skilled engineers and with a local spare parts stock, resulting in unbeatable uptime.

3 simultaneous wavelengths

Ledia’s unique UV-LEDs light source combines two or three different wavelengths simul-taneously. The wave-length ranges from 350nm to 440nm to diffuse the energy optimally throughout the resist or solder mask. The user can tune each wavelengt’s power individually for optimal results on or each material. The result is high throughput and unrivalled quality – 50µm solder mask dams without undercut. 


Ultra-fine feature capabilities, a precision auto-focus and an automatic alignment algorithm compensates for substrate distortion. Ledia exposes a wide range of both dry film and soldermask with high-throughput and high-yield. As Ledia delivers top quality even on conventional resists it integrated into existing production environments with minimal hassle by Ucamco’s experienced hardware and software installation team.

Cost effective

Ledia guarantees optimum quality ultra-fine work and delivers high productivity and throughput on a wide range of panel sizes and production volumes.  Ledia's UV-LED light source costs less than the conventional laser alternatives. As it is only active during the imaging process consumable costs are even lower.  Ledia is the ideal DI technology for mid and high end production.

New registration system

Ledia’s already outstanding registration is now 10% more accurate and significantly faster.

Data automation and serialization

Thanks to Ucamco’s powerful programming capabilities, jobs can be directly sent to Ledia by the ERP system. Barcode and text serialization of individual PCBs, assembly panels and production panels is simple and flexible to apply.

Panel handling automatization

An impressive range of optional automated solutions increases productivity still further.