Cuprum implements powerful new Gerber tools

With the new Nested Step and Repeat commands, it is no longer necessary to save multiple copies of PCB data, making panelisation files smaller, easier and faster to handle and process. 

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Major revision of the Gerber File Format Specification

Revision 2016.11 allows to include the CAD netlist to Gerber files and offers several text improvements and clarifications The document is developed by Karel Tavernier. Jean-Pierre Charras provided essential input on the CAD netlist, and further remarks by Remco Poelstra and Wim De Greve were included. KiCad is the first software vendor to implement support for the new netlist attributes.


Gerber Netlist goes live with KiCad

Gerber Netlist goes live with KiCad

Earlier this year, a draft specification for netlist and component attributes in Gerber X2 was published by Karel Tavernier on the Ucamco website. Today KiCad announces that it is the first vendor to implement this feature into its CAD software. 


German Ucamco Club Seminar

On 8 and 9 November Ucamco organises a Club Seminar for German speaking customers at Bad Goegging. Recent developments for Integr8tor and UcamX are announced & demonstrated. With more than 30 participants, all major players in the German/Austrian/Swiss PCB manufacturing market are represented.

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New attributes include the CAD netlist (component-pin-net) in Gerber

A few months ago Karel Tavernier published a first draft specification on the Ucamco website for review and comment by the Gerber user community. This input led to the publication of a number of revisions. This public revision process is now closed and the specification is now final and can be used. The text will be merged with the main specification in an upcoming revision.