About us

Ucamco is the market leader in PCB CAM and Pre-CAM Software, Laser Photoplotters and Direct Imaging Systems. We have more than 35 years continuous experience developing and supporting leading-edge front-end tooling solutions for the global PCB industry. We help fabricators world-wide raise yields, increase factory productivity, and cut enterprise risks and costs.

We have more than 1,000 laser photoplotters and 5,000 CAM systems installed around the world with local support in every major market. Our customers include the leading PCB fabricators across the global spectrum.

Many of them have been with us for more than 30 years. Major AOI, direct imaging and electrical test equipment vendors combine Ucamco software as front-end to their systems.

Key to this success has been our uncompromising pursuit of engineering excellence in all our products. For 35 years our product goals have been best-in-class performance, long-term reliability, and continuous development to keep each user at the cutting-edge of his chosen technology.

Ucamco is the developer of the Gerber Format, a backbone of the electronics manufacturing industry.

Developing leadership

Since its beginnings in 1983, our company has always remained true to its original focus as a supplier of high performance laser photo-plotters and CAM systems for PCB manufacture – first as Barco’s ETS (Electronic Tooling Systems) division, and later as Ucamco.

Now, with thirty-five years of experience under our belts and a deep understanding of our customers’ needs, we are as dynamic as ever in our uncompromising pursuit of excellence. With numerous development programs in constant evolution, we lead the global market in terms of installed base, worldwide customer support, and a world-class range of integrated front-end and imaging (laser plotting and direct imaging) solutions that keep Ucamco, and its clients, at the leading edge of our industry.

CIMS is a global leader in machine vision that addresses specific needs of all segments of PCB and Semiconductors manufacturing indus-tries offering dedicated inspection solutions based on advanced imaging and image pro-cessing technologies. CIMS operations span over five continents and the company’s products are used by nearly all major PCB manufacturers around the world.

CIMS is the parent company of Ucamco.

Technology and global customer support milestones

  • 2023 Hardware LeVina direct imaging for next-gen packaging substrates
  • 2023 Software Jayda accurate fast-response web engine
  • 2022 Hardware Hawk & Condor large format laser plotters
  • 2021 Hardware Ledia Twin
  • 2021 Software Eléa Web Apps; fast hi-res interaction for complex jobs
  • 2020 Software iamcam new standard for PCB front-end workflow automation
  • 2019 Hardware Calibr8tor 5000 laser plotter
  • 2019 Gerber X3 includes assembly information in Gerber data
  • 2019 Software Assembly Seat data processing
  • 2019 Software GCSRIP for direct imaging
  • 2019 Software DI and inkjets frontends for emerging Chinese direct imaging vendors
  • 2018 Software Integr8tor scripting with full access to the CAM HyperTool APIs
  • 2018 Software Integr8tor with full workflow programmability
  • 2018 Gerber Gerber Job Format description published
  • 2018 Software "Communic8tor, a cloud web service to facilitate communication between design and fabrication"
  • 2017 Hardware Graphic RIP solution
  • 2017 Software "Cloud web service, Reference Gerber Viewer"
  • 2017 Software "uStack, a stackup builder for UcamX and Integr8tor"
  • 2016 Software "YELO, automated yield-enhancing layout optimization"
  • 2016 Gerber Gerber format extended with netlist and component information
  • 2016 Gerber Gerber format extended with nested step-and-repeat
  • 2016 Hardware "Ledia in India, at Hi-Q"
  • 2016 Hardware Calibr8tor Nano AF-100 laser plotter Opto-electronics with 0.25 µm pitch
  • 2016 Software UcamX + parallel processing = CAM at its best!
  • 2016 Software "DISI, Serialization for direct imagers"
  • 2015 Hardware automation integration of Ledia Direct Imager
  • 2015 Hardware Front-end automation of Ledia Direct Imager
  • 2015 Software Paneliz8tor, Panel optimization for flex PCB
  • 2014 Software "UcamX, workspace GUI, 64 bit, multi-core"
  • 2014 Software "Integr8tor, AutoCAM functions"
  • 2014 Organization Software sales and support in Korea via dedicated organization
  • 2014 Gerber Gerber X2 format introduced
  • 2013 Software Automated Multi-Job Panelization
  • 2013 Hardware Distribution of Screen’s market leading Ledia Direct Imager
  • 2012 Software First 64-bit RIP
  • 2012 Software Automated multi-job panelization software
  • 2011 Software Sales and Support in China via own organization
  • 2011 Software First multi-core RIP
  • 2010 Organization Sales and Support in Japan via own organization
  • 2010 Software "Visual Hyper Script, an integrated environment to record and develop scripts in UcamX"
  • 2009 Software First 64 bit interactive CAM system
  • 2009 Hardware "Geometric Correction System, high-speed non-linear scaling on plotters"
  • 2009 Hardware "Calibr8tor Nano, best in-class photoplotterwith 0.5 µm pitch"
  • 2009 Software 64 bit software: Integr8tor new version
  • 2008 Software Multi-beam laser photoplotter
  • 2008 Organization Sales and support in US via dedicated organization
  • 2008 Organization "We become Ucamco, backed by private equity"
  • 2007 Software Dedicated AOI, DI and ET front-ends
  • 2006 Hardware "Calibr8tor, a new generation HDI photoplotter"
  • 2006 Software "Integr8tor, web based server software, the world's first automated Pre-CAM and Engineering solution"
  • 2005 Software Electrical Test Floor Integration (TFI)
  • 2004 Hardware SilverWriter 8000 series
  • 2004 Software "FixGenius, rule based and interactive fixturing software"
  • 2003 Software First bundled softare agreements for AOI and Direct Imaging solutions
  • 2002 Organization We become Mania Technologie Belgium
  • 2001 Software Ucam HDI function (dynamic etch compensation)
  • 2000 Hardware SilverWriter 800 series
  • 2000 Software Ucam Flex
  • 1998 Gerber Publication of the Extended Gerber Format Specification
  • 1998 Organization "Acquisition of Blue Granite, developer of advanced fixturing software"
  • 1998 Organization "Acquisition of Gerber Systems, cementing our commitment to the PCB industry and the US market"
  • 1998 Organization "Sales and technical support established in Korea, via distributor"
  • 1998 Software "AutoFixture, AI based fixturing software"
  • 1997 Hardware SilverWriter generation of laser photoplotters
  • 1995 Organization "Sales and support in the US, own organization"
  • 1996 Software "ViewStation and FaultStation, PCB layout and fault location viewers"
  • 1995 Software Ucam for electrical test
  • 1993 Software "HyperTool, the first object-oriented programming language for CAM automation"
  • 1992 Software "Ucam, CAM system on Sun workstations"
  • 1991 Organization Sales and technical support established in Taiwan via distributor
  • 1991 Organization Sales and technical support established in China via distributor
  • 1989 Organization Sales and technical support established in Japan via distributor
  • 1989 Organization We become Barco ETS
  • 1987 Software First laser scanner with full pattern recognition
  • 1986 Hardware Multi-beam laser photoplotter
  • 1986 Software "DISC CAM, first graphical PCB CAM system"
  • 1985 Software "DPF, the first PCB data format with embedded apertures, contour and panel data"
  • 1985 Organization Sales and technical support established in USA
  • 1984 Software "Command-line PCB CAM system, with scripting capabilities"
  • 1983 Hardware First external drum laser photoplotters for the PCB industry
  • 1983 Organization "Started as DISC in Ghent, Belgium"