Important Gerber X3 update

We appreciate the feedback we have gotten on our Gerber X3 proposal and have since been working intensely on a revision to further perfect Gerber X3.

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Towards Gerber X3

Ucamco has developed a proposal to include assembly information in Gerber data. We are heading towards Gerber X3. 

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New Gerber fabrication documentation specification

Ucamco has released a new specification for fabrication documentation in Gerber. The specification describes the new Gerber Job File and contains a correction in values. 

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Here's why the PCB industry still uses Gerber

In a feature in this month's Design007 magazine, Ucamco's Managing Director Karel Tavernier explains very clearly why the PCB industry still uses Gerber. 

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Ucamco Releases Gerber Job Editor

Thanks to Ucamco’s new Gerber Job Editor, designers can create and edit job files that provide all essential PCB production data, including essential non-image-based information, in a standard format that can be put into an automatic production flow. Ucamco’s principal aim in doing so is to make life easier for electronics design and manufacturing professionals by facilitating clear, unequivocal communications prior to production.

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