Ucamco adds in-house production of large and extra large “bird of prey” laser photoplotters

Ucamco has extended its portfolio with two new series of high-end large and extra large format laser photo plotters. 

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Biggest PCB maker in Thailand purchases 2 Calibr8tor photoplotters

The biggest PCB maker in Thailand, specialized in the manufacturing of rigid printed circuit boards of double sided and multi-layer boards, has purchased 2 Calibr8tor photoplotters from Ucamco. 

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Ucamco presents new Nano AF-100 Opto-electronics

The new Nano AF-100 opto-electronics system for Ucamco’s plotter line achieves unparalleled minimum feature sizes. Typical applications are chemical milling, security printing, holograms, flat panel displays. The Nano-AF has a spot size of 1.3 µm and resolutions up to 101,600 ppi, resulting in and effective minimum features size on film of 4µm. The auto focus system keeps the feature size tolerance below 1 µm over an area of 47X63 inches. A multi-core, 64bit FlashRip exposes a 18X24 inch film at 101.600ppi in 15 minutes.