Biggest PCB maker in Thailand purchases 2 Calibr8tor photoplotters

The biggest PCB maker in Thailand, specialized in the manufacturing of rigid printed circuit boards of double sided and multi-layer boards, has purchased 2 Calibr8tor photoplotters from Ucamco. 

"We were already familiar with Ucamco, as we started out with 5 UcamX CAM++ seats in 2018 via WKK Trading Co”, states a member of the board. “Since then, we have been growing our software department quickly, with the addition of 4 more UcamX CAM++ seats, UcamX SmartView and more Ucamco software products. We have experienced Ucamco's agility, both in technical support, response time when needed, and steady improvements. We see nothing but advantages in continuing this partnership for the purchase of hardware.” 

Ucamco customized 2 Calibr8tor 2000 photoplotters for this customer. The installation of the first machine was completed in July. The second machine was installed in September, at the customer’s request. 

The same PCB maker is currently in talks to purchase a 3rd Calibr8tor photoplotter.