Cirly purchases second Integr8tor workflow, extra options, Yelo extensions

PCB manufacturer Cirly, specialized in prototypes and small production runs, has purchased a second workflow for Integr8tor, along with various Integr8tor options to add to both the existing and the additional workflow. 

The French company, based in Brignais, confidently prefers Integr8tor, Ucamco’s sales and engineering server for auto input and design analysis, over similar software technologies on the market.

Maxime Frachon, CEO at Cirly, explains the choice to expand his company’s arsenal with more Ucamco products: “Thanks to Integr8tor, we can guarantee a far better service to our clients, analyzing their design data automatically and in real time for a faster, more accurate quoting process.”

In addition to the new Integr8tor workflow and extra options, Cirly has also purchased two extensions for the Ucam Yelo software. Mr. Frachon is confident about the purchase, and rightly so: “The decision to add Ucam Yelo to our software package, allows us to significantly improve board layouts within minutes, cut back our CAM cycle time by 30% and slash production cost on every batch.”

“We are convinced that our purchases from Ucamco will turn out to be huge additions to our daily processes. We will soon notice the improved results”, Mr. Frachon concludes.