Eurocircuits Hungary purchases third Ledia Direct Imager

Eurocircuits has purchased their third Ledia Direct Imager from Ucamco for their Hungary site. 

Luc Smets, Managing Partner at Eurocircuits, knows what Ledia can do for the company: "We need state of the art equipment to follow the rising demand of our customers both in complexity and variety of orders. The Ledia will help us to achieve our goal: to provide our customers with a wide range of PCB technologies in our cost-effective order pooling system, faster and with higher reliability."

József  Lengyel, Plant Manager Eurocircuits PCB division, agrees: "The ordered Ledia 6 Direct Imager machine gives us lots of benefits. From the time we use such a machine we have forgotten many problems we faced earlier during imaging of dry resist or solder mask in PCB production. The exposing accuracy is far better than the older contact film technology. The factor of film distortion and punching inaccuracy has eliminated. We do not need to plot and store films neither. The cycle time of exposing shortened as well. Thanks to the different wavelength and the combination of DI solder mask ink no need to transmit high energies. Operating with the machine is very easy. In the meantime we have 4 of these fantastic machines which are easy to operate and are supported by Ucamco’s brilliant service! They are fast and keep the machines always in good condition!"