FaultStation addresses new challenges in Electrical Test

Ucamco is proud to announce the official release of FaultStation v2021.09. FaultStation is electrical test software that addresses new challenges in our sector, especially with this latest release.  

As Electrical Test has been steadily evolving over the years, test machine manufacturers are adding more test types (4-Wire, Inductance, ...) and are producing more informative fault types. FaultStation is now able to load these new Error Code types and assist in diagnosing the fault. The software also provides improved views for assistance in the fault finding process.

Below are some of the most significant improvements over the last version of FaultStation. 

  • Testpoint View Windows
  • Handling of new error types produced by ATG and Gardien machines
  • Support for L&M log files and barcodes
  • Update of Help

If you wish to upgrade to this version, please contact your local sales channel or the Ucamco Pre-Sales department at