Gerber version 2 - also known as X2 - explained


Gerber version 2 - also known as X2 - explained

The Gerber format has grown to include a range of brilliantly simple yet powerful tools that are set to transform CAD-to-CAM data transfer. Ucamco's latest video explains how.

Ucamco is delighted to announce that a demonstration video presenting Gerber format version 2 is now available at

The short film highlights two of the new features that make Gerber v.2 so powerful. The first is its embedded board stack-up information, which enables the stack-up to be read in automatically together with the images, including and drill and rout files. Equally impressive, the second is the use of attributes by CAD to clearly define the function of each pad. By enhancing Gerber's well-known existing image data format with the intelligence offered by these and other exceptional new features, Gerber v.2 boosts performance throughout the design, engineering and manufacturing process.

If you are a CAD or CAM professional and you're using Gerber, you'll want to see for yourself how  the format is evolving through its added intelligence, and how it can help you build on your existing processes to boost your own performance.