ICS purchases Ledia Direct Imager

I.C.S. or Industria Circuiti Stampati in Modena Italy, has since the beginning in 1980 only one mission statement: to use the best technologies on the market to comply with their customers requests. Mr. Anberto Denti says "Technology, quality and accuracy that is what matters and this not only for the existing markets but as wel for new market fronts. We at ICS have always invested in technology and innovation to meet the requests of our customer, and that is appreciated! Therefore, and based on our experience with Ucamco’s Integr8tor software (which is used in our technical department for files analysis and enginering), the purchase of Ucamco’s Ledia Direct imager was the obvious dessision. We are convinced that the Ledia will be a pure asset in ICS’s production of single sided, double sided & multilayer rigid board, and that with the Ledia ICS will get even more recognition in the market as pioneer in production at the forefront of technology resulting in quality."