Integr8tor and UcamX v2023.01 are now available

Ucamco is proud to release Integr8tor v2023.01 and UcamX v2023.01. These new versions of our Pre-CAM and CAM software include plenty of additions to increase our customers’ productivity, highlighted by the topics below. 

Integr8tor v2023.01

  • Yellow solder mask color
  • Plated/non-plated/backdrill-to-copper clearance analysis 
  • Conditional formatting
  • Agile job queue handling
  • Performance and security
  • DPMX import

Full Integr8tor release overview

UcamX v2023.01

  • YELO Mask Adjuster
  • Object Summary Table
  • Magnifier II
  • Rout Manager
  • Input GDSII
  • SmartTest
  • CAD Output Gerber X2/X3
  • Input Drill/Rout
  • Check for update

Full UcamX release overview


Integr8tor and UcamX v2023.01 are now available for download. We recommend that you upgrade to the new versions at your earliest possible convenience.
If your software is under warranty or covered by a maintenance contract, you can pick up this version free of charge from the Ucamco FTP download server, using your regular credentials. As most internet browsers have stopped supporting FTP download, we recommend that you use an FTP client to do so.

If you wish to upgrade to this version outside of a maintenance contract or wish to take out a maintenance contract, please contact your local sales channel or send an email with your request for quotation to