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CML Technical Director Hubert van Rennings explains: "Founded in 2001, CML rapidly became the world's largest PCB provider with German roots and sourcing expertise in Asia. Our 250-strong PCB team of Technical, Quality, Sales, and Marketing experts are at our customers' fingertips in Hong Kong, China, Indonesia, Korea, Japan and the Americas. With our own CML UL logo on the PCBs, it is absolutely clear to the customer that we take responsibility and ownership of the whole supplier process. We operate with up to ten highly qualified independent manufacturing partners, situated in China and South Korea. Our manufacturing partner selection critera, which includes fab capabilities, service and cost-effective manufacturing, paired with our regular audits, gives peace of mind to our customers globally. Our job is to create an efficient, hassle-free interface by handling all communications, clarifying all technical details, and ensuring that our customers' requirements are clear to our manufacturing partners. This is essential when you consider the challenges that can arise when trying to translate not only between languages, but also between very different cultures."

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