New Gerber Job Editor now accepts notes in Chinese

Gerber Job Editor, Ucamco’s software that allows designers to create and edit job files that provide all essential PCB production data, has been significantly improved. The tool now accepts notes in Chinese. This is a huge milestone in the evolution of Gerber Job Editor, with clear advantages for the Chinese PCB market. 

On top of the notes in Chinese, PCB production data in Gerber Job Editor can include a wide variety of essential specs, such as essential non-image based information, in a standard format that can be put into an automatic production flow. 

The principal aim of Gerber Job Editor is to make life easier for electronics design and manufacturing professionals by facilitating clear, unequivocal communications prior to production. 

Gerber Job Editor is 100% free of charge. It can be used regardless of your CAD system. Download the software now by clicking here.