Pulsonix integrates Gerber X2 in Pulsonix 8.5

Pulsonix and Ucamco collaborate to fully integrate Gerber X2 in Pulsonix 8.5

Pulsonix,  the EDA (Electronic Design Automation) company delivering technology-leading PCB design solutions today announces the completion of its Gerber X2 output.

Working closely with Ucamco, the developer of the Gerber format, Pulsonix has successfully implemented Gerber X2. The output has been fully verified by Ucamco, who confirm it conforms to the X2 specification.

Ucamco launched Gerber X2 with a single goal in mind: to provide a robust, standardised method for automatically transferring layout data and valuable PCB design information from CAD to CAM. Extended Gerber has always done a great job of handling the first part; the image data. But now with Gerber X2, the PCB industry's de facto standard image format is even better. That's because Gerber X2 offers a new format for the additional design data that is clear, unequivocal and automatically machine-readable, and that fully supports the existing Gerber image data format. X2 maintains the trademark simplicity for which Gerber has always been known and used.

Pulsonix Marketing Director Bob Williams commented: “Providing the Gerber X2 format demonstrates the commitment we as a company have to giving our users the very latest in technology enhancements. In Gerber X2, Ucamco have given a format that provides greater transparency and information in the Output stage of the design process.”

Ucamco's Managing Director Karel Tavernier states: “Ucamco is honored that a well-respected company such as Pulsonix implemented such a robust Gerber X2 output less than one year after the release of the Gerber X2 specification. By supporting X2 Pulsonix not only helps its customers to remain abreast of technology, but is also a good corporate citizen helping the whole industry to move along the practical path forward."