Teledyne Labtech purchases Ledia SB32 Direct Imager

Teledyne Labtech, a UK based PCB manufacturer specialised in the manufacturing of a wide range of high performance RF/Microwave PCBs, utilising a variety of complex technologies and a wide range of materials, confirm delivery and commissioning of a Ledia SB32 Direct Imaging system.

John Priday (CTO) commented: “The Ledia Direct Imaging system is ideally suited for a company of our size and will greatly enhance our manufacturing capabilities. We selected the Ledia system after a comprehensive benchmark process. Screen’s Ledia is the only DI exposing system that provides top quality for all layer types - inner, outer and solder mask in PCB production. Immediately following the installation we have started to experience the benefits of Ledia for our customers. Besides its quality and performance, we have selected Ledia for its low cost of operation and the support from a well-established team of engineers from Ucamco. ”