Ucamco offers free UcamX licenses for academic use


UcamX goes Academic
Learn with the best: Ucamco makes UcamX available free of charge to schools, educational and research institutions and universities.

Gent, Belgium – November 27, 2015 – Ucamco is delighted to announce that universities, educational institutions and schools may now access UcamX, its ground-breaking, all-in-one CAM software suite for the PCB industry, free of charge. By making UcamX available through its special academic licensing programme, the company provides teachers, researchers and students with industry-leading, PCB manufacturing tools, significantly enhancing the entire learning and training process, while reinforcing students' future employment prospects by enabling their proficiency with real-world manufacturing tools used by the world's leading PCB designers and manufacturers.

Academic licenses are provided upon application to the company by bona-fide teaching institutions and individuals, and last one year, during which time program updates can be downloaded as they become available. Licenses may be renewed subject to Ucamco's acceptance of repeat applications. They come without the full support provided to Ucamco's commercial clients although online video training is available in English, and their provision is specifically limited to academic use – their commercial use is strictly prohibited, as detailed in Ucamco's license agreement.

These and the other conditions under which they are granted are available upon application to Ucamco at