Ucamco releases Integr8tor v8.2

CAM Engineering Just Got Easier

Integr8tor 8.2 offers PCB manufacturers higher front-end performance and faster throughput than ever before, including expanded component recognition, full support of the Polar format, and significantly improved capabilities for analysing more complex, high layer-count and data-heavy boards.

Gent, Belgium ‐ December 20, 2013 – Ucamco is delighted to announce its release of Integr8tor 8.2. This is the latest generation of a unique suite of tools that support the CAD-to-CAM data transfer process as well as pre-CAM and CAM functions in PCB manufacture. By automatically capturing and analysing incoming design data and quote requests around the clock, Integr8tor provides engineering and sales with all the data needed for rapid customer quote generation, and it takes all the donkey-work out of the pre-CAM and CAM functions by delivering complete CAM data prior to the tooling process. With each iteration, Integr8tor further supports PCB manufacturers' relationships with their clients by automating and integrating data transmission and analysis. This gives both manufacturer and client an optimised workflow that delivers greater clarity, speed and quality in communications and processes, all of which are essential in today's time-critical, quality-conscious PCB and electronics arenas.

Among Integr8tor 8.2's highlights perhaps the most significant is its considerably improved capabilities for handling larger, more complex jobs such as high layer-count boards. Ucamco's developers have optimised a number of Integr8tor's internal processing algorithms, so it can now handle data-heavy jobs reliably, successfully and at high speeds.

In another important development, Integr8tor 8.2 can convert all attributes and values from Polar stackups to the QED files, so clients using the Polar format are now fully supported.

This version also offers expanded recognition, calculation and reporting of components and other elements – for example, a new section in the QED report shows detailed information on SMD and BGA pads. Integr8tor 8.2 also detects and reports on top- and bottom-edge connectors, and will calculate areas, and the qualities of copper and gold that are needed, saving CAM engineers time and effort as they no longer have to access Ucam and compute these parameters separately.

Another time-saving device is Integr8tor's new ability to detect duplicate archives. It does this by using Checksum to analyse incoming archives and compare them with previously processed data stored in the system. This is an invaluable time saving tool that serves several purposes: it guards against working on identical jobs put into the system by different sales people; it provides a heads-up when a customer is asking for a second quote on a job that may already have been quoted for; and it may also flag identical jobs coming in from different clients, or brokers.

Integr8tor 8.2 also facilitates the use of password-encrypted archives. With previous versions of Integr8tor, the password had to be entered prior to accessing the archive. Failure to do so would result in process shutdown, and CAM engineers would have to go back to their desktops, unpack the archive in Ucam, input its password, save it without a password, then input it again into Integr8tor. Now, Integr8tor 8.2 bypasses this cumbersome route while still protecting the archive, by allowing users to send the password by email, or browse for it in Integr8tor or with a web integration tool, then resubmit the archive with the password.

These improvements represent Ucamco's direct response to the real needs of Integr8tor's growing user base, and combine with many more new – and existing – capabilities to make Integr8tor 8.2 one of PCB manufacture's most compelling tools, and one that has the power to transform the business of making PCBs.

Why not contact Ucamco today and find out what Integr8tor 8.2 can do for your business? It's easy to implement, easy to use, and it could be saving your company time and money within weeks.