Ucamco releases Integr8tor v8.3

Press Release from Ucamco
pre-CAM's fastest, most reliable ally.

Integr8tor v8.3 offers a range of new features and tools that respond directly to our customer's needs. Numerous performance improvements ensure that more jobs will pass through the system automatically and without the need for operator intervention.

Gent, Belgium – July 1st, 2014 – Ucamco is delighted to announce that Integr8tor v8.3, is now available for download.

As any busy CAM Engineer knows, the quick, accurate turnaround of incoming quote requests can be the single most important factor determining whether business is lost or profits are made. That's why the world's PCB makers are increasingly turning to Integr8tor, the PCB industry's most powerful sales and engineering server for auto input and design analysis. Integr8tor works around the clock, automatically downloading and analysing incoming client design data, delivering accurate quote-ready data to the sales department, and in-depth design breakdowns together with design-rule, DfM and capability checks to the engineering and production departments. And it does all this within minutes, ensuring that no more business is lost to quoting delays while enhancing manufacturing output and productivity by ensuring that the designs that go onto the shop floor are optimised for production.  All of which frees up CAM engineers to focus their skills on higher margin activities that deliver more value to the bottom line.

All of these companies know that with Integr8tor, their capabilities will evolve with their needs. That's because Ucamco dedicates a great deal of time and resources to an active forward-looking development programme that keeps Integr8tor and its users at the leading edge of the industry.  As ever, this programme is determined by Ucamco's close relationship with its marketplace and its customers, and its care in listening to them, and understanding what is really needed.

Integr8tor v8.3 offers a range of new, state-of-the-art features and tools that respond directly to those needs. One of these is a brand new tool that determines automatically whether holes should be drilled in sequential PCBs using laser or mechanical means. It does this by analysing characteristics such as hole size and type, and pad and ring size.  V8.3 also enables a raft of additional layers to be  analyzed automatically, saving CAM engineers a great deal of painstaking pre-CAM work. Thus extra carbon layers, peel-off mask layers and legend layers can now be analysed automatically for characteristics such as minimum clearances and feature sizes. Just as importantly, the new version also analyses the soldermask layers for covered via holes, as Ucamco's Ron Geelen explains: “this is invaluable as our users either have to modify the soldermask, or they have to plug the vias in an additional step that will affect the final cost of the PCB. With this new tool our clients are able to identify additional costs and quote accordingly”. Other new features include expanded character sets for Asian users, as Geelen underlines:” Asian character sets have been supported for a while now, in that files with such characters could be read in and analysed by the system without problems, but this was not evident from the user interface. Now, files are displayed in the user interface with the same Asian characters as are in the original file”.  Other improvements include bookmarks in the QED reports, improved edge connector recognition, and improved registration, even on poorly constructed boards.

Integr8tor 8.3 combines all these new features with numerous performance improvements across the board, enabling users to benefit from significant system enhancements that ensure that even more jobs will pass through the system automatically and without the need for operator intervention. Combine all of this with Integr8tor's industry-beating job management and data analysis capabilities, and it's hardly surprising that the world's PCB manufacturers are increasingly turning to Integr8tor to revolutionise their processes – and their businesses.

Integr8tor v8.3 is now available for download at