Ucamco Releases UcamX v2018.03

Ucamco are delighted to announce the v2018.03 release of UcamX, introducing Signal Layer Adjuster as the first module from a brand new software suite called YELO.  

YELO stands for Yield-Enhancing Layout Optimizers and it is UcamX’ unique and revolutionary approach for bringing PCB layouts in line with the required design specifications. It provides a highly automated, integrated and industrialized workflow, to produce optimized layouts for superior production yields at dazzling speed…

Signal Layer Adjuster is the first YELO module to be released and will help you

  • Improve board signal layer layouts significantly within minutes
  • Cut back your CAM cycle time by up to 30%
  • Achieve superior production yields
  • Deliver a higher-quality product to your customer

Other YELO modules will become available later in the year.

The full Release Notes can be found here