Ucamco shows innovations at Productronica

Highlights at the Ucamco booth

Ucamco's Multi Job Panelizer: the market-leading tool for pooling PCBs cost-effectively

  • Automatically combine small-quantity jobs to optimize material utilization
  • Minimize production overmakes
  • Massively reduce material costs and tooling times
  • Have interactive, semi-automatic or 24/7 fully automated operation depending on your needs
  • Easily integrate with your ERP system and any CAM environment

Ucamco's Integr8tor brings Sales, Engineering and CAM under the same roof...

  • Maintain all product data in just one basket
  • Automate your pre-production processes by floating this vital information between departments
  • Boost your RFQ response time by automating stack-up assignmenteasily find out how well a board fits into your manufacturing capabilities
  • Free your CAM department from being hijacked to analyze customer data
  • Minimize the time to start up production

Ucamco unveils Communic8tor, a revolutionary cloud communication platform for the electronics industry...

  • Revolutionize your customers’ communication experience  
  • Efficiently share full PCB details with your customer
  • Centralize, control and archive all your communication
  • Avoid misunderstandings and have fewer communication cycles
  • Offer your customer an easy way to accept your requests

Ucamco's YELO sets a new standard in CAM

  • Significantly improve board layouts within minutes
  • Cut back your CAM cycle time by up to 30%
  • Achieve superior production yields
  • Deliver more reliable PCBs
  • Slash production cost on every batch

Ledia Direct Imager - Japanese UV-LED based DI  from SCREEN with more than 410 installations in daily production. Find out why its full automatic inter-head calibration assures the highest quality & reliability in the market.

See you in Hall B3, stand 425