UcamX - the new paradigm in CAM software


UcamX - the new paradigm in CAM software

Ucamco's latest generation CAM software suite empowers the CAM engineering task while setting new industry standards in throughput and reliability.

Ucamco is delighted to announce the release of UcamX, its ground-breaking all-in-one CAM software suite for the Rigid, Flex and HDI PCB manufacturing industries. UcamX takes all that's great about Ucamco's leading Ucam line of software and takes it to the next level with a series of new developments and improvements that set the new paradigm in CAM software.

For a start, it's fast. Very fast: UcamX completes even the most difficult CAM tasks in a fraction of the time taken by a standard CAM package. That's thanks to its new Parallel Processing feature that uses highly efficient algorithms to divide CPU-intensive tasks among several different CPUs. This works in parallel with state-of-the-art multicore and 64 bit workstation technology to deliver unprecedented speed, performance and capabilities.

This impressive power comes with an equally impressive graphical user interface, the UcamX Workspace GUI, which offers specific and highly versatile workspaces for each discrete part of the CAM workflow. These contain “dockable” dialogues that can be placed where needed, or merged with the drawing area or other dialogues; handy pin bars that manage larger dialogues; and drag-and-drop toolbars that come with the powerful UcamX functions as standard but that can be customised as needed. All these features ensure clean, uncluttered workspaces that are intuitive and simple to use, yet contain immensely powerful task-specific functionality. Several such workspaces can be stored, allowing users to switch quickly, safely and automatically between them depending on the job in hand and the CAM stage reached. UcamX comes with a set of predefined workspaces but these can be reconfigured or created from scratch using the new Workspaces menu.

UcamX also offers a new Load Balanced Session (LBS) capability that allows multiple jobs to be opened simultaneously with full access to the extensive UcamX functionality and power. This can be used as needed, and made available to other operators on closing the session.

In another first, as well as continuing to support Gerber version 1, UcamX now supports Gerber version 2, or X2. This uses attributes to describe files and the features they contain, enabling automatic stackup and feature recognition. Combined with UcamX, Gerber X2 revolutionises the CAM task and brings considerable added speed, accuracy and simplicity to the entire process. 

These new features combine seamlessly with Ucam's existing functionality. This includes its impressive Hypertool scripting and Visual HyperScript tools, which allow limitless operator level automation, and many labour-saving functions that include automated board structuring, netlist and test-point generation, and dynamic yield-driven auto-panelisation.

Versatile, flexible and powerful, UcamX is testament to Ucamco's uncompromising pursuit of excellence and dedication to best-in-class performance, long-term reliability and building the future into its products through ongoing development. No wonder that the world's leading PCB manufacturers rely on Ucamco to set the bar for CAM software performance.