Update of Gerber File Format documents

Karel Tavernier has updated the following Gerber documents:

The Gerber spec was updated to revision 2017.11
Updated topics:

  • Allow the .N attribute not only on copper layers but also on plated drill layers, see 5.6.13.
  • Remove .FileFunction value Keep-out. Use Profile instead.
  • Specified that to combine files zip is the only allowed archive format, as suggested by Rafal Powierski.
  • Corrected error in in 4.14; BNF is now simpler.
  • Added synoptic table with macro primitives in
  • Added synoptic table one with standard apertures in 4.4.1.
  • Added BNF of the region statement.
  • Added link to the Reference Gerber Viewer in 1.3.
  • Fixed typos pointed out by Forest Darling.
  • Fixed a number or typos pointed out by Radim Halíř.

The proposal to include fabrication data in Gerber was updated to revision 2017.10

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