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More than 800 Ledia DI’s sold worldwide to date.

Quote from Kamal Berberi
"The transition from film to filmless solder mask was very smooth with Ledia. We are now able to offer a quicker service to our customers, with absolutely perfect solder mask registration."

4th Ledia for Eurocircuits
Eurocircuits has purchased its fourth Ledia. It is the third DI for their Hungary site and the first Ledia 6. Moreover, it is a Ledia 6 Hyper, which has a high-power UV-LED technology and the highest productivity for solder mask.
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Protecno purchases Ledia
Protecno, member of the GTID Group, has purchased a Ledia Direct Imager for its PCB manufacturing plant in Brest, France.

Quote from Mr. Altherr and Mr. Etter
"The Ledia technology enables us to manufacture under the highest technological standard and this according to our customers desires for flexible, flex-rigid, high frequency, PTFE PCBs."

Quote from Alberto Denti
"We at ICS have always invested in technology and innovation to meet the requests of our customer, and that is appreciated! Therefore, and based on our experience with Ucamco’s Integr8tor software, the purchase of Ucamco’s Ledia Direct imager was the obvious decision."

Veco Precision Metal purchases Ledia
To be able to maintain our flexibility combined with the precision our company stands for, we decided to buy a Ledia direct imager, which has proven after thorough testing, to be the best direct imager in the market.

Tecnomec purchases LEDIA SB33 Direct Imager​
To improve the production process and meet the markets requirements Tecnomec invested not only in additional modules of the Ucamco’s Intergr8tor software but has also invested in a LEDIA SB33 direct imager.

Guimocircuito purchases Ledia

MOS Electronic GmbH purchases Ledia SD63

Purchase of a second and third Ledia

Quote from Luc Smets, managing partner
"We need state of the art equipment to follow the rising demand of our customers both in complexity and variety of orders. The Ledia will help us to achieve our goal: to provide our customers with a wide range of PCB technologies in our cost-effective order pooling system, faster and with higher reliability."

Quote about purchase of 3-head Ledia
"The installation of this Direct Imager again confirms our vision to implement innovative solutions to enable our customers’ success.”

First Ledia in Italy
Lasertech is specialised in photochemical milling & etching and produces unfinished metal products using high-tech equipment.

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Quote from shop-floor operators
"Ledia is the best direct imaging technology on the market in terms of real-time reliability, repeatability and production quality, but also for its throughput speed, unsurpassed uptime, and low operation costs."

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Quote about purchase of second Ledia
"A market survey made clear that the 3-wavelength Ledia allows ELVIA to offer unsurpassed solder mask quality. That is why we invested in a second Ledia direct imager for our Coutances plant."

Quote from John Priday, CTO of Teledyne Labtech
"We selected the Ledia system after a comprehensive benchmark process. Ledia is the only DI exposing system that provides top quality for all layer types and solder mask in PCB production."

Quote from Luc Smets, managing partner
"Yields are higher, and soldermask rework have been reduced considerably. Based on film costs alone, the company estimates a return on its investment of no more than 4 years. "

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Quote from Gerard van Dierendonck, CEO of Unimicron
"As Ledia is the most advanced direct imaging solution for solder mask production Unimicron will enhance its lead in high reliability applications with this investment and better serve the most demanding customers."

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Purchase of a second Ledia

Quote from Vincent Dronnet, COO of ACB
"We were already very pleased with the performance, reliability, integration and service of our first two wavelength Ledia. When Ucamco showed us what the three wavelengths could achieve on solder mask we were immediately convinced this was the way to go to meet – and exceed – the requirements of our most demanding customers. No other direct imager can achieve what we can achieve with our Ledia."

"Ucamco’s Ledia Direct Imager was chosen because of its best-in-class solder mask technology and its superior registration features"

Quote from Andreas Müller
"The Ledia Imager fits perfectly into our manufacturing flow and will help us to do what we do best: On-time delivery of high quality printed circuit boards at a fair price"

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"This new machine strengthens the groups’ strategic objective to offer a unique “one stop shop” PCB solution with all technologies and services available."

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Quote from Techno-Service S.A
"Ledia offers top quality DI solutions to medium capacity companies."

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Quote from Wim Perdu
"Ledia is the PCB industry's fastest DI system, and the only one capable of processing standard soldermask."

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