Ucamco releases Integr8tor v8.1

Press Release from Ucamco

Ucamco is delighted to introduce the latest generation of Integr8tor, the PCB industry's only sales and engineering server for auto input and design analysis. With Integr8tor v8 comes a raft of new and extended capabilities that make it a true “must have” technology for busy PCB fabricators. Fast, intuitive and easy to use, Integr8tor is a powerful enabler for sales, engineering and production professionals who want to improve their output and their profit margins.

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Ucamco releases Ucam v10.1.5

Ucamco announced Ucam maintenance release v10.1.5.
It contains a number of enhancements on existing functionality and maintenance updates. 

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How Integr8tor has helped to revolutionise Eurocircuits’ business

Product Testimonial from Eurocircuits on Integr9tor

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Cistelaier S.p.A. goes for extra Integr8tor workflow

Cistelaier S.p.A. extended its Integr8tor environment with an additional concurrent workflow.
With its remarkable technological know-how and the highly technological machines and equipments, together with a constant commitment to the improvement of quality, processes and service, Cistelaier continues to be a strategical instrument for all companies working with PCBs.

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