Ucamco releases UcamX v2020.03

Amid the current worldwide situation, Ucamco is proud to bring positive news and announce the v2020.03 release of UcamX. 

UcamX v2020.03 contains improvements and new functionalities for ...

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Ucamco helps customers dealing with temporary production peaks

As an agile company, Ucamco is glad to offer a helping hand in dealing with temporary production peaks.

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Learning seminar participants increase daily productivity immediately

"Finding out about these extras will save me tons of time in the future”, one attendee summarized the general feeling. 

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Amitron adds Checkpoint to Integr8tor workflows: “Reliability means everything”

USA based PCB manufacturer Amitron has extended their Integr8tor software with the purchase of additional modules, including Checkpoint.

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UcamX v2019.08 supports keyboard shortcuts

Define your own keyboard shortcuts in UcamX v2019.08. Enjoy a higher level of throughput with an unprecedented level of user comfort.

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