Ucamco Releases UcamX v2019.04

Ucamco are delighted to announce the v2019.04 release of UcamX. More info can be found in the Release Notes

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Ucamco releases Integr8tor v2019.03

Ucamco is delighted to announce that the latest generation of Integr8tor is now available for download. Detailed info about this release can be found on the Integr8tor Release Notes page.

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Bridging the PCB Assembly Gap

Ucamco has launched UcamX Assembly Seat, a powerful addition to its industry-beating CAM platform that bridges the gap between bare board production and assembly.

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LeitOn GmbH purchases Integr8tor

LeitOn GmbH, manufacturer of printed circuit board prototypes in express service, bought Ucamco’s Integr8tor. LeitOn's concept is based on an extended and convenient online calculation for all kind of printed circuits. The company is not only settled in Germany, but also in China, especially for mass production of printed circuit boards.

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