Stevenage Circuits goes for Integr8tor

Stevenage Circuits Ltd (SCL), a leading UK advanced capability circuit board manufacturer, has chosen Ucamco's Integr8tor as automatic customer data input and analysis tool after extensive evaluation of available softwares on the market.
Robert Brown, CEO of Stevenage: “We have clients in over 40 countries we have a broad spectrum client-base, who just require consistent quality, service and on-time deliveries. That is why we invested in Integr8tor. Its automated, accurate and detailed job analysis allows us to respond to customers even faster. More importantly, design issues will be detected – and fixed – upfront in the process. ”

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Gerber Nested S&R Draft Version 9 Released

The Gerber Nested S&R Draft has been updated to version 9

The draft document and examples can be download from our website. 
Feedback is always welcome.

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UcamX + parallel processing = CAM at its best!

Ucamco is delighted to announce the release of UcamX, v2016.01, the latest version of its ultra-powerful all-in-one CAM software suite for the global PCB manufacturing industry. At the core of the UcamX platform is PP+, Ucamco's Parallel Processing feature. This works with state-of-the-art UcamX multicore and 64bit workstation technology to deliver unsurpassed functionality, speed and capabilities to the CAM engineer's fingertips, enabling tasks to be completed in a fraction of the time needed by other CAM systems.


Teledyne Labtech purchases Ledia SB32 Direct Imager

Teledyne Labtech, a UK based PCB manufacturer specialised in the manufacturing of a wide range of high performance RF/Microwave PCBs, utilising a variety of complex technologies and a wide range of materials, confirm delivery and commissioning of a Ledia SB32 Direct Imaging system.

John Priday (CTO) commented: “The Ledia Direct Imaging system is ideally suited for a company of our size and will greatly enhance our manufacturing capabilities ...

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Gerber nested step & repeat – final call for comments

Ucamco proposes extending the Gerber format to make it more efficient in handling fabrication and assembly panels. In August 2015 Ucamco published a draft specification at, for review and comment by the Gerber community before the spec is cast in concrete.  We received thoughtful feedback on the draft specification from the user community which we incorporated in successive revisions of the draft. We stand now at revision 8. It is significantly extended compared to the original. Viewers of the earlier drafts may want to have a look at revisions 8.

Ucamco feels revision 8 is ready for incorporation in the spec. However, it will be kept in draft form for 2-3 more months. If Gerber is important to you please be pro-active review the draft carefully, and see how this would work for you. By doing this you will help yourself and the whole Gerber user community. Once the draft is incorporated in the specification, it is too late - one can only uselessly complain.

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