Protecno goes for Ledia Direct Imager

Protecno, member of the GTID Group, has purchased a Ledia Direct Imager for its PCB manufacturing plant in Brest, France.

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Optiprint purchases Ledia Direct Imager

With more than 40 years experience, 120+ committed staff and innovative/creative solutions Optiprint is able to customize every job up to its customers expectations. That is what one expects from Optiprint AG Switzerland, i.e. maintaining the high quality Swiss made product reputation! To assist its customers in obtaining a market advantage through advanced technology Optiprint invested in Ucamco’s Ledia Direct imager.  
Mr. Altherr and Mr. Etter from Optiprint : "The Ledia technology enables us to manufacture under the highest technological standard and this according to our customers desires for flexible, flex-rigid, high frequency, PTFE PCBs."

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Ucamco Releases UcamX v2019.04

Ucamco are delighted to announce the v2019.04 release of UcamX. More info can be found in the Release Notes

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Ucamco releases Integr8tor v2019.03

Ucamco is delighted to announce that the latest generation of Integr8tor is now available for download. Detailed info about this release can be found on the Integr8tor Release Notes page.

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Bridging the PCB Assembly Gap

Ucamco has launched UcamX Assembly Seat, a powerful addition to its industry-beating CAM platform that bridges the gap between bare board production and assembly.

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