Ucamco releases Ucam v10.1.8

Ucamco released Ucam version 10.1.8
This maintenance release includes minor feature updates:
- CAD output parameter and accuracy improvements
- New box to standard apertures conversion function
- Improved CAD input performance
- Autovalidation of imported small arcs
and several maintenance updates on Ucam functions

Ucam v10.1 Release Notes and all maintenance updates can be found on our download page

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Ucamco releases Integr8tor v8.2

Press Release from Ucamco
CAM Engineering Just Got Easier

Integr8tor 8.2 offers PCB manufacturers higher front-end performance and faster throughput than ever before, including expanded component recognition, full support of the Polar format, and significantly improved capabilities for analysing more complex, high layer-count and data-heavy boards.

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Gerber's new attributes set to transform CAD-to-CAM communication

Press Release from Ucamco

Ucamco is delighted to present its ground-breaking second extension for the Gerber format. This offers an unequivocal standard for non-image data that is just as simple, practical and universally accessible as the well-known Gerber image data format it now supports.

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Painting Pads - The scourge of CAD-to-CAM communication

Article by Karel Tavernier, published in the November issue of The PCB Magazine

Often called the “backbone of the electronics industry,” the gerber format is the ea­siest and most reliable image data transfer format available to PCB designers and engineers. unfortu­nately, this format is often used incorrectly, inclu­ding one practice that PCB designers should cease immediately: painting pads and areas.

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ACB gets Ledia SD direct imager

Article by Wim Perdu of ACB, published on PCB007

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