Gerber grows attributes

Article by Karel Tavernier, published in Printed Circuit Design & Fab

The latest extension to the age-old format describes layer structures, features and functions.

Output and read by every PCB design and engineering system in the world, the Gerber format is the de facto standard for one of the industry’s most delicate, critically important processes: CAD-to-CAM data transfer. Simple yet powerful, Gerber is an image description language that permits complex designs to be described completely and accurately in an unequivocal one-file/one-layer format. The format uses a structure that can be read by machines and humans.

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Ucamco releases Ucam v10.1.6

Ucamco announced Ucam maintenance release v10.1.6
It mainly implements a number of maintenance updates.

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Homage to the Gerber Format

Article by Karel Tavernier, published on the EETimes designlines blog.

As caretaker of the venerable Gerber format, we at Ucamco I feel bound to react to the insightful blog An Embarrassment to the Electronics Community by Vince Mazur and especially the comment it generated.

I will restrict myself to the context of PCB fabrication, in which I have some experience.

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Richter Elektronik goes for Ledia direct imager

German article published on Evertiq news site

Richter Elektronik investiert in Neuheit

Richter Elektronik kauft den ersten LEDIA Direktbelichter in Europa.
Bereits seit einigen Monaten testet Richter Elektronik - Leiterplattenhersteller aus dem Hochsauerland - die neue Generation LEDIA von Dainippon Screen im eigenen Haus. Inzwischen findet die gesamte Leiterbildstrukturierung auf dem schnellen Direct Imaging (DI) System mit UV-LED-Lichtquellen statt.

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Ucamco releases Integr8tor v8.1

Press Release from Ucamco

Ucamco is delighted to introduce the latest generation of Integr8tor, the PCB industry's only sales and engineering server for auto input and design analysis. With Integr8tor v8 comes a raft of new and extended capabilities that make it a true “must have” technology for busy PCB fabricators. Fast, intuitive and easy to use, Integr8tor is a powerful enabler for sales, engineering and production professionals who want to improve their output and their profit margins.

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