Eurocircuits Aachen GmbH purchases Ledia direct imager from Ucamco

 Eurocircuits, a leading European PCB prototype manufacturer has purchased a second Ledia direct imager, to be deployed in its manufacturing facility in Aachen (Germany). 

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Ruwel and tw-elektric jump ahead of the Direct Imaging game

Gent, Belgium – August 11th, 2016 –  Ucamco and ASS Luippold are pleased to announce that Ruwel and  tw-elektric Horst Müller GmbH & Co. KG, two PCB manufacturers with very different manufacturing environments, have integrated their existing Ledia Direct Imaging systems into automatic imaging lines using Autoloaders tailored to their individual needs by ASS Luippold. 


Amphenol-Invotec purchases a Ledia 3-wavelength Direct Imager

Amphenol-Invotec a leading European player in the production of complex PCBs with facilities in Tamworth and Telford, UK, has purchased a Ledia 3-wavelength Direct Imager for its Tamworth plant. 


First Ledia for Italy

Ucamco sold a Ledia Direct Imager in Italy. The name of the company is not yet to be disclosed.

Hi-Q purchases a 3-wavelength Ledia direct imager

Hi-Q has invested in a Ledia SD-53 from Ucamco. Selected primarily for its precision, front-to-back registration reliability and its unbeatable soldermask capabilities, this 5-head 3-wavelength system will be used to image inner- and outer-layer dry films and soldermasks.

With Ledia, Hi-Q knows it can guarantee its clients even better service, perfect quality features with virtually no undercut, and robust, stable soldermask dams even on its finest sub-50 µm HDI boards. 

Hi-Q's decision to purchase its Ledia system followed careful benchmarking tests, during which Ledia's performance put it head and shoulders above the rest. The results were impressive, but before investing in its future, Hi-Q decided to ask a real expert, a leading European PCB manufacturer and Ledia owner, how the technology stacks up in real life. In open, honest discussions with the shop-floor operators who know Ledia best, Hi-Q got the confirmation it needed that Ledia is simply the best direct imaging technology on the market in terms of real-time reliability, repeatability and production quality, but also for its throughput speed, unsurpassed uptime, and low operation costs