ICS purchases Ledia Direct Imager

I.C.S. or Industria Circuiti Stampati  has purchased a Ledia Direct Imager for their PCB plant in Modena Italy,

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VECO purchases Ledia Direct Imager

Veco Precision, a world leading manufacturing company of metal precision products in The Netherlands, purchased a Ledia direct imager for its manufacturing facilities in Eerbeek.

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Tecnomec purchases LEDIA SB33 Direct Imager.

Tecnomec Printed Circuit Boards, a leading PCB manufacturer in Italy, has invested in a LEDIA SB33 direct imager. Tecnomec is used to acquire the best available technology and the Ledia will enable them to guarantee the best possible PCB quality to their clients desires. 

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Guimocircuito buys Ledia

Guimocircuito, leading printed circuit manufacturer in Portugal has purchased a Ledia SB-33 for its factory in Guimaraes.

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Eurocircuits Aachen GmbH purchases Ledia direct imager from Ucamco

 Eurocircuits, a leading European PCB prototype manufacturer has purchased a second Ledia direct imager, to be deployed in its manufacturing facility in Aachen (Germany). 

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