Teledyne Labtech purchases Ledia SB32 Direct Imager

Teledyne Labtech, a UK based PCB manufacturer specialised in the manufacturing of a wide range of high performance RF/Microwave PCBs, utilising a variety of complex technologies and a wide range of materials, confirm delivery and commissioning of a Ledia SB32 Direct Imaging system.

John Priday (CTO) commented: “The Ledia Direct Imaging system is ideally suited for a company of our size and will greatly enhance our manufacturing capabilities ...

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Ucamco announces new Ledia models with 3 wave lengths

Ledia – optimising the light fantastic

September 25th 2015 - Ucamco is delighted to announce the new 3 Wavelength series of Ledia Direct Imaging (DI) systems for the accurate, high-speed exposure of the industry's most demanding soldermask, inner-layer and outer-layer resists.

When it comes to the direct imaging of PCB materials, Dai Nippon Screen's Ledia multi-wavelength UV LED DI platform has always led the field. First, with its 2 Wavelength Ledia imaging systems, Screen delivered unprecedented DI throughputs on even the most demanding inner- and outer-layer resists, and it gave PCB manufacturers the very first DI technology with which to process standard soldermask resists accurately and at production speeds.

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RUWEL invests in new Ledia Direct Imaging System

Finally, a cow with all its spots!

A strategic member of one of the world's largest PCB manufacturing groups, Taiwan-based Unimicron, Ruwel heads the Group's High Reliability Business Unit, supplying the needs of the world's Automotive, Industry and Renewable Energy sectors from its plants in Geldern, Germany and Kunshan, China. In recent years, Ruwel has undertaken an ambitious investment plan aimed at improving its small series production costs, throughput and flexibility, while eliminating human error from its high reliability production processes. Part of this is its latest investment in a Ledia V6 3-Wavelength Direct Imaging system for its soldermask line. Just 10 weeks on, soldermask exposure is no longer a bottleneck, Ruwel is saving up to 4 hours daily in set up, and product quality has improved significantly. Key to the company's decision to buy Ledia is the top quality support it receives from Ucamco and FineLine, Ucamco's representative in Germany.

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AT&S goes for Ucamco’s Ledia Direct Imager

AT&S Europe’s largest pcb manufacturing company with 8,500 people employed worldwide, has purchased a Ledia direct imager from Ucamco. The direct imager will be deployed at the AT&S facilities in Leoben (Austria) for solder-mask application in the production of small and medium-sized batches for industrial and automotive customers in Europe and the USA.


Ruwel International gets Ledia direct imager from Ucamco

Ruwel International, a leading European PCB manufacturer, has invested in a Ledia direct imaging system from Ucamco for its solder mask production.  With this investment Ruwel will enhance its lead in high reliability applications  and better serve the most demanding customers.

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