Karel Tavernier Introduces Gerber X2

Paneldiscussion about File Transfer Formats at APEX Expo 2014

Karel Tavernier explains why Gerber X2 combined with IPC-2581 it to be preferred over ODB++

Moderator: Ben Jordan, Customer Success Mgr. for Altium
Panel: Karel Tavernier, Managing Director for Ucamco; Dave Wiens, Business Development Mgr. for Mentor Graphics; Hemant Shaw, Product Marketing Dir. for Cadence Design Systems


Ucamco Presents its New Website

purepuPress Release from Ucamco

Using leading-edge technology hosting, Ucamco's new website offers unbeatable online service to all its clients and business partners, no matter what platform they use. Its Search Engine Optimised design offers visitors fast access to all content, while its new graphics are clean, light and extremely user-friendly.

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Ucamco Releases Ucam v10.1.8

Ucamco released Ucam version 10.1.8
This maintenance release includes minor feature updates:
- CAD output parameter and accuracy improvements
- New box to standard apertures conversion function
- Improved CAD input performance
- Autovalidation of imported small arcs
and several maintenance updates on Ucam functions

Ucam v10.1 Release Notes and all maintenance updates can be found on our download page






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Ucamco 发布了 Integr8tor v8.2



Integr8tor 8.2为PCB制造商提供了更高的前端性能和更快的产出,包括扩展组件的识别和对Polar格式的完全支持,显著提高了分析复杂板,高层板和超大数据板的能力。

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Gerber's new attributes set to transform CAD-to-CAM communication

Press Release from Ucamco

Ucamco is delighted to present its ground-breaking second extension for the Gerber format. This offers an unequivocal standard for non-image data that is just as simple, practical and universally accessible as the well-known Gerber image data format it now supports.









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