Reference Gerber Viewer


Use the free online Reference Gerber Viewer to visualize and investigate
Gerber X1 and X2, Excellon, XNC, NC and IPC files



  • The reference for reliable visualization of Gerber files
  • Directly from the developer of the Gerber format
  • High resolution
  • Very responsive
  • Multi-layer
  • Displays all X2 attributes
  • Measures distances and clearances
  • Displays object information
  • Offers robust privacy and security, https, GlobalSign certificate


Direct link 

Direct link to the Reference Gerber Viewer:

Sample jobs

If you wish to run tests on Reference Gerber Viewer, sample CAD jobs are available for download here, under 'test files'.

Integrate Reference Gerber Viewer into your web app

If you wish to integrate this technology in your web application, this is possible, free of charge. Click here to download the html code to set up the integration. 

Pulsonix, RS Group and Gemaddis are among the companies to have already done so. Read their testimonials. 

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