Standard Gerber

Standard Gerber was revoked in 2014. Since then, Standard Gerber files do not conform to the Gerber specification and are no longer valid. In fact, they can no longer be called Gerber files. Standard Gerber is technically obsolete. It has significant drawbacks vs Extended Gerber and carries inherent risks. Its main problem is that aperture definitions are not standardized.

It is Ucamco’s position that the party that chooses to use Standard Gerber rather than Extended Gerber is responsible for any issues resulting from its use.

It is now used in less than 2% of jobs. Extended Gerber is around for more than 20 years, applications are thoroughly debugged and it is supported by virtually all systems. If you are still using Standard Gerber you are putting your business and that of your clients and business partners at a useless risk, without any benefit. Don’t be the last to lay it aside. 

Download the "Open Letter on Standard Gerber" from our downloads page and find out why your only valid option is to use Extended Gerber.

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