Licenses for commercial use

To run Ucamco software for commercial use you need to purchase a valid license from an authorized licensor.
By installing or using our Software, the customer agrees with all terms of our software license agreement.
Note that there are serious risks involved when using illegal software

Licenses for students and academic use - free of charge

Free UcamX licenses are available for students and academic use as a support to education and research.

This type of license comes without warranty. You can update to new versions when they become available. There is no telephone support. Questions can be sent to but without the same response time as for commercial users. Online video training - in English – is available on our YouTube channel (see social links in footer of this page).

Note that UcamX is CAM not CAD software. UcamX does  not  start from a netlist and lays out the PCB. UcamX starts from an existing layout made on CAD software such as Altium, KiCad, Eagle, Pulsonix, Easy-PC, Diptrace. It then optimizes the layout for manufacturing, panelizes and generates the fabrication tools.

Academic and student licenses cannot be used for commercial purposes.

To apply for a free academic or student license fill out this form and send a scan to You will be asked to provide credentials as bona-fide academic or student user and to sign a license agreement. The license is granted for a one-year period. You can reapply for a new free license for subsequent years. Ucamco can accept or reject the application at its discretion.

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