UcamX Pro+

The CAM system that exceeds your expectations

Automation as reliable as clockwork

Integration into any environment

We provide our customers with all interfaces, upstream to CAD/DFM, downstream to manufacturing and quality control. UCAMX PRO+ outputs fully-automated machine-optimized tooling for all industry-standard electrical testers and AOI systems, photo plotters, drilling and routing equipment and direct imagers. Product parameters can easily be uploaded into corporate production management databases, or in various formats for other CAD/CAM systems.

Parallel Processing

At the heart of UCAMX PRO+ are its 64 bit core engine and a smart feature called Parallel Processing (PP). They are the key to the software’s astonishing performance. The 64 bit core – which we were the first to offer over 10 years ago – addresses more computer memory and allows high layer-count jobs or massive data volumes to process without a hitch. In the Parallel Processing concept, highly efficient algorithms split up CPU-intensive CAM tasks between various CPUs of a multicore workstation and complete within a fraction of the time standard CAM software packages would need. The more CPUs, the faster the software.

High-level automation without limits

UcamX Hypertool scripting delivers in-depth custom automation without limits. Unlike batch-sequencers, HyperTools give you access to full core CAM functionality. Simplify and accelerate your process automation. Write new CAM routines to automate your new technologies or to integrate CAM deeply into your business systems. The Java™ carrier means that HyperTools are structured, robust and reliable, fully integrated into the UCAMX PRO+ GUI.

UcamX Visual HyperScript (VHS) scripting delivers operator level automation without limits. Record repetitive tasks or write new CAM routines to automate your CAM flow or to integrate CAM deeply into your business systems. The VHS function library contains more than 1000 commands.

Dedicated CAM functionality for all PCB technologies:
single sided, double sided, flex, flex-rigid, HDI, IC substrates

Yield Enhancing Layout Optimizer

YELO is a feature that automatically adjusts PCB layout to improve manufacturability. It significantly improves board layouts within minutes, cuts back your CAM cycle time by up to 30%, achieves superior production yields, delivers more reliable PCBs and slashes production cost on every batch. 

Tombstone and Solder Escape Prevention in YELO Mask Adjuster

Tombstone and Solder Escape Prevention allows you to adjust masks to have the most positive impact on the assembly process. With this feature, you also prevent solder starvation, block shorts and, not to forget, meet your customer’s requirements. 

Secure Etch Compensation w/ Horns

Save money, increase quality. Thanks to Secure Etch Compensation with Horns, you will obtain the maximum imaginable resolution and accuracy for your IC substrate, IC packaging and WLP manufac-turing, all at the highest speed and with special attention for evolving industry needs. 

The interface of Secure Etch Compensation is easy to set up and to use and is fully automatic. This will lead to huge savings in time. 

Workspaces: preconfigured or customized, perfect GUI for each task

Intuitive User Interface

The graphical user interface of UcamX Pro+ excels at comfort, ease-of-use and convenience. The Workspace GUI lets you layout, store and reload different configurations of dialogues and toolbars, depending on which stage of the CAM process a job has reached. 

The customizable Workspace GUI offers multiple rows of toolbars, Hypertool or Visual HyperScript programs directly accessible from a toolbar icon, and more. Getting used to the interface takes little to no time, making interaction with the program a true pleasure. 

UcamX Pro+ is easy

  • on the eye
  • to use
  • to customize
  • to streamline
  • to departmentalize
  • to increase productivity


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