The standard functionality of UcamX can be extended by adding dedicated features

YELO - Yield Enhancing Layout Optimizer

Automatic adjusting of PCB layout improving manufacturability

  • Significantly improve board layouts within minutes
  • Cut back your CAM cycle time by up to 30%
  • Achieve superior production yields
  • Deliver more reliable PCBs
  • Slash production cost on every batch

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SEC - Secure Etch Compensation

Yield-improving compensation tool with unique functionality to ensure minimum clearances


Intelligent PCB panelization for Rigid, Flex and HDI PCB's in UcamX

Visual HyperScript

Easy way to automate UcamX operator actions

Visual HyperScript (VHS) is a scripting environment for UcamX. It is designed to help Ucam users to automate all kinds of operator actions. The user can record simple repetitive tasks or he can build complete applications with Launch Pads and interactive Dialogs. Scripting is fun and can be done by people with any skill level.
The HyperScript API Reference Guide can be found in the UcamX Help Menu.

Visual HyperTool

Professional Java programmers tool for advanced scripting of UcamX functionality

The HyperTool API Reference Guide can be found in the UcamX Help Menu.


The smart Probe & Fixture solution

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