The standard functionality of UcamX can be extended by adding dedicated features

Yield Enhancing Layout Optimizer (YELO)
Automatic adjusting of PCB layout improving manufacturability

YELO was announced by Ucamco at Productronica and APEX USA.
Following modules are available:
- Copper Adjuster (Plane and Signal)
- Legend Adjuster
More info can be found in our Product Flyer, Product Presentation  and "YELO in action" movie.

True Etch Compensation
Improves etchant performance on today's dense and complex PCB's

Secure Etch Compensation
Yield-improving compensation tool with unique functionality to ensure minimum clearances with e.g.

  • different compensation values for different feature types
  • different clearance values for different feature type combinations

Interested? Click here to open the Secure Etch Compensation product flyer.
Click here to open a Secure Etch Compensation movie

UcamX to Polar Link
Seamless UcamX to Polar integration allowing you to use the best of both worlds.=
Click here or check our download page for the product feature flyer.

Visual HyperScript
Visual HyperScript (VHS) is a scripting environment for UcamX. It is designed to help Ucam users to automate all kinds of operator actions. The user can record simple repetitive tasks or he can build complete applications with Launch Pads and interactive Dialogs. Scripting is fun and can be done by people with any skill level.
The HyperScript API Reference Guide can be found in the UcamX Help Menu.

Scripting tool for experienced Java programmers providing full UcamX functionality.
The HyperTool API Reference Guide can be found in the UcamX Help Menu.

The intelligent PCB panelization for Rigid, Flex and HDI PCB's in UcamX.
Includes nesting of single or multi pcb jobs in the same panel and is able
to create circuit arrays and customer panels or use optimized nesting to build
a high yield production panel.
Interested? Click here to open the Paneliz8tor product flyer.


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